Student Housing Furniture Safety: Problems and Solutions

Private Universities Products and News, Dec 2014 Article by Kelly Uhland Student safety is a top priority for housing professionals. This has led property management firms, designers, and school administrators to take a hard look at the realities of students sleeping six feet from the floor. Guard

Binghamton University’s East Campus Housing Project

Construction Today, Nov-Dec 2013 Article by Eric Slack Project plans can go awry when implementation begins. But Binghamton University put the time and resources into its recently completed East Campus Housing Project and made sure it was truly a team effort. “All projects evolve to some

Vendor of the Year

Savoy has proudly been recognized as the MACUHO Vendor of the year (2012-2013). “On behalf of the Mid Atlantic College and University Housing Officers it is with great pleasure that we announce that you have been nominated for an annual recognition award.  Nominations were submitted

Bunk Bed Safety

 Estimates show more than 2,000 cases per year of bunk-bed-related student injuries where medical treatment was sought. Recent litigations have cited both institutions and suppliers are liable for these injuries. Is your school at risk? Current regulations by the Consumer Product Safety

American Made - It Matters

Often, one of the first things noticed when entering a building is the seating.  That first impression reinforces the image of the school.  Students expect their lounges and community rooms to provide comfort, versatility and function – all wrapped up in a stylish design. What they

Get the Facts

Q: How many students have bunk bed related injuries every year? A:  Estimates show over 2,000 cases/yr where medical treatment was sought. Q: Who is liable for the injury? A:  Recent litigations have cited both institutions and suppliers. Q: Are Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations

A Splash of Color

It is widely known that color affects student attitudes, behaviors, and learning.  Blue is cooling and can aid concentration while green can be very relaxing.  Yellow can be cheerful and stimulating, like the sun.  Red is exciting and stimulates the brain, but has an aggressive quality.

Value-Driven Solutions

How many years do you expect your furniture to last? How often do you plan on making repairs? Will the residents have everything in their rooms and lounges that they want and need? These questions can be tough to answer when searching for a solution that will please everyone.  The bottom line

New Fabrics Get 'Thumbs Up'

Here at Savoy we have continued to expand our lounge collection to now include 18 different designs to choose from – and this is only the beginning.  Having choice of hundreds of fabrics and vinyl options available gives you the opportunity to please any client.  Modern prints, colors

Breaking Ground

Exciting news!  Savoy has outgrown its 250,000 square foot facility and we broke ground on Monday, June 11th to build an additional 50,000 square feet of building space.  The new section will be located on the northwest end of our property (right side of aerial view) creating an “L”

Hardwood - Not all it's CRACKED up to be

When it comes to furniture construction, it’s hard to be an expert on a topic with so many differing opinions.  Here at Savoy, we like to keep things simple.  Different materials are best for different applications.  Solid hardwood has its place – bed posts for example.  Its

Energize your Furniture

Technology develops and changes so quickly, having the latest and greatest of anything can be disappointingly short-lived. On the plus side, no matter what kind of phone or reading device you use, we know they all still need to be charged. Here at Savoy, we have energized our desks and nightstands


The annual Southwest Association of College and University Housing Officers is being held in Norman, Oklahoma. Conference Dates: March 1-3, 2015 We look forward to seeing all of our


The annual Southeast Association of College and University Housing Officers is being held in Mobile, Alabama. Conference Dates: February 24-27, 2015 We look forward to seeing all of