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How much do you know about drawer construction? Are your casegoods going to hold up to student life? Can they hold a grown man?

Construction can make a world of difference when it comes to the casegoods you provide your students. When selecting furniture for your students, you’ll want to make sure your vendor partner utilizes English dovetail joints, 5-sided construction and durable slides.

English DovetailEnglish Dovetail Joint Used for Drawer Construction

The English Dovetail joint is somewhat easy to spot: You can see the adjoining pieces easily at the corner of the drawers. While the look of the English Dovetail may be fun and attractive, it is also the strongest construction option. Due to the flared or wedged design, these joints are very durable – especially when put under stress. Additionally, because the joint is placed at the very edge of the wood, the construction does not impede on any of the students’ storage space within the drawer.

5-Sided Drawer Construction5-Sided Drawer Construction

A somewhat overlooked technique that is gratefully appreciated in the college housing market is a 5-Sided Drawer Construction Method. When a drawer is considered to be 5 sided, the drawer front (what is visible when the drawer is closed) is actually a separate piece from the drawer box. By adding this drawer front separate from the drawer box, damaged drawer fronts can easily be replaced without endangering the durability of the rest of the drawer – a perfect solution for rigorous living.

Durable Drawer SlidesHeavy Duty Drawer Slides

So you have durable plywood cases and sturdy drawer boxes utilizing English Dovetail joints, but what about how you complete the product? Will the flimsy 35 lb rated drawer slides that give you a hard time in your kitchen’s silverware drawer be good enough to withstand your students’ abuse? Don’t settle for residential – you need commercial grade quality. When picking your  product, you’ll want to see that these slides are heavy duty and can easily allow your maintenance team to remove the drawers themselves without fear of damaging the mechanism.

Questions to ask your vendors include:

• What weight are these drawer slides rated? With the amount of abuse these drawers can take, you won’t want to settle for anything less than a 100 lbs weight rating.

• How easy is it to remove and reinsert the drawer from its case with these slides? You’ll mostly want to be concerned with how elaborate these instructions are due to possible damage to the drawer slides if complicated instructions aren’t strictly followed.

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About Savoy

Savoy Contract Furniture manufactures traditional and contemporary styles of furniture for colleges and universities. Over more than 70 years, we’ve prioritized the growth of our state-of-the-art central Pennsylvania plant. As a result, we utilize the most advanced technology available and handle our orders entirely in house. In short, this allows us the flexibility to custom tailor our products to meet your every need.

Presently, we manufacture 12 styles of casegoods and 20 types of upholstered furniture. Additionally, we provide a variety of tables and chairs for both studying and dining. Furthermore, everything is available with the choice of several finishes and hundreds of fabric options. Client partners can also choose to upgrade their furniture with special hardware and power sources.

Savoy has adopted a customer-centric approach to business. That is to say, we aim to be the best full-service furniture provider for our client partners. We offer assistance throughout quoting, order management, delivery, and installation. However, our service doesn’t stop there. All Savoy products come with our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty. To sum it up, we’re passionate about helping make your furniture buying experience as easy as possible.

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