Savoy Furniture - 2024

Student Focus Groups Helped Contribute to the Apollo Collection.

January 16, 2018
What Did They Tell Us?
More flexible storage options. A more modern appearance. Furniture you’d like to have at home. Fun!


What Did We Use?
All of the above. And then some!


This collection was designed with you and your students in mind. Sleek, geometric cut outs are paired with fun colored laminates and exposed maple/birch veneer core plys to give this modern line a playful feel, without compromising on quality. Despite being priced very competitively, this collection is still accompanied by the unmatched Savoy Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Will this furniture break the bank? Nope!
Will your students love this furniture? Oh yeah!
Will this furniture survive the rigors of campus living? (I’m looking at you, freshmen.) Absolutely!


There may be snow on the ground here, but summer is just around the corner. Click here to get started on your upcoming projects!