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Savoy Contract Furniture: Tested by Time.

April 9, 2018

Time is an interesting concept, isn’t it? While 45 minutes can zoom by like nothing when watching a single TV show (or maybe an entire binge-worthy series in a weekend), a single minute can feel excruciatingly long when trying to hold a plank or waiting for long-awaited food to cook in the microwave.

Time has also been a huge theme taken into consideration in several aspects of Savoy Contract Furniture. It was discovered very early in our history that to best satisfy our customers, we need to provide quality products that are going to stand up against the test of time. But how do we do this? Failure to compromise where it counts.

The first of several Savoy strategies to withstand time is to refuse to compromise on quality to save pennies. From premium veneer core plywood responsibly harvested in North America, English dovetail joinery and wet construction, to start-to-finish construction right here in Central PA, our furniture is the tank of college and university housing furniture.

Secondly, while all furniture may appear durable when first installed, time will very easily tell if your furniture was built to last. Not only are we confident Savoy’s durable and top quality craftsmanship will endure your students’ worst, we’re willing to back every piece with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Finally, a warranty is only as good as the company backing it. Not only is Savoy standing tall: It’s thriving! Just this month, we received a letter from U.S. Senator Pat Toomey to congratulate us on our 70th anniversary – a milestone we do not take lightly. From the sweat of our skilled laborers in the plant to the late nights of our accomplished professionals in the office, we’ve built a booming company worthy of your trust.

Have you been frustrated with your furniture failing you and your students in mere years? Let us help you get a return on your investment. Contact us today to get started!