Savoy Furniture - 2024

Savoy Has the Industry’s Best Warranty.

June 20, 2018
Manufactured. Delivered. 
Installed. Warranted.
lady working on furniture repair
lifetime warranty
Industry Best Warranty.
Yearly maintenance is not a thing with Savoy products, but if you need some replacement drawer fronts or slides in 10 years (or more!), we’ve got you covered. Parts are manufactured and stocked in PA, and can easily be shipped to you for repairs. Many times, repairs can be conducted in the field by maintenance staff or one of our highly experienced professionals, but pieces can always be brought back to our local PA plant if needed.
Has cheap furniture you purchased a year or two ago begun to fall apart? Are costly repairs making you wonder if it would be better to just replace furniture instead of salvage it? What if I told you this could all be a thing of the past? We’re ready to make you AND your facilities staff happy – let’s talk!