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Environmentally Friendly Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

April 22, 2019

Savoy Contract Furniture encourages the implementation of environmentally conscientious policies and practices in its manufacturing procedures and strongly encourages its vendors to be environmentally conscious in its processes.

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Specific programs implemented in support of the Savoy Environmental Policy

Savoy utilizes a technologically advanced ultraviolet (UV) finishing system. This system provides a material transfer rate from application to finished product in excess of 99%. Not only does this process not produce any substantial VOCs, but it is also recognized by the PA Department of Environmental Protection as being compliant with all regulations. We have reduced VOC output by as much as 99%.

The use of water-based adhesives in the process of laminating all Savoy tops, shelves and some component parts has also greatly reduced the amount of VOCs.

Waste streams such as used oils, cleaning fluids and some finishing materials are recycled to minimize waste.

Fuel oil processing and heating systems have been replaced with more efficient natural gas systems, substantially reducing oil consumption and the release of airborne contaminants.

Savoy uses veneer core plywood in place of solid wood species wherever possible. Utilization of plywood in furniture manufacturing minimizes the effect on the environment by providing a more complete use of the harvested tree. Trees used for veneer application extends the utilization by as much as 16 times more than solid applications. In addition, our plywood has no added formaldehyde.

All of our waste woods are recycled in the form of wood mulch or are utilized in heating systems locally. Saw dust collected by the extraction system is used as animal bedding by local farmers. Any cardboard waste in the plant is recycled locally.

Each year, millions of trees are harvested to provide packaging for shipments. Savoy uses a blanket wrapped shipping process in which items are wrapped in moving blankets made of recycled materials. These blankets can be re-used numerous times and this minimizes the amount of trees harvested for manufacturing shipping materials.

We have carefully selected lumber suppliers who are recognized for implementing environmentally supported harvesting controls and hold SFI and FSC certifications to perpetuate a better environment for all.

Additionally, we strive to work mostly with fabric vendors that have taken the responsibility to create environmentally friendly fabrics woven in the United States.

These procedures are reviewed on a consistent basis and we continue to improve them as technological advancements make it possible. Contact us today to learn more!

Savoy Contract Furniture manufactures all of our traditional and contemporary styles of furniture in our state-of-the-art central Pennsylvania plant, utilizing the most advanced technology available. Handling all orders in-house allows us the flexibility to custom tailor our products to meet your every need. Presently, we manufacture 10 styles of casegoods, 20 styles of upholstered furniture and infinite combinations of tables and seating. Everything is available with the choice of several finishes and hundreds of fabric selections.

Do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call (800.233.8953) if we can be of service – we’re here to make your job easier.

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