Savoy Furniture - 2018

Energize your Furniture

October 14, 2012

Technology develops and changes so quickly, having the latest and greatest of anything can be disappointingly short-lived. On the plus side, no matter what kind of phone or reading device you use, we know they all still need to be charged.

Here at Savoy, we have energized our desks and nightstands with optional built-in power supplies available with a variety of connections.  From USB, to three prong, to Apple only, these pop-ups are an awesome way to get rid of unwanted wires and provide another layer of convenience for students.

Some say desks a a thing of the past, but, if you watch a student work without one you might have a different perspective.  Without a work surface, students don’t have a place to spread out and stay organized.  Grommeted outlets can but closed and virtually disappear when not in use, while providing an easy way to plug in a tablet or laptop when studying.