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Hardwood – Not all it’s CRACKED up to be

October 14, 2012

When it comes to furniture construction, it’s hard to be an expert on a topic with so many differing opinions.  Here at Savoy, we like to keep things simple.  Different materials are best for different applications.  Solid hardwood has its place – bed posts for example.  Its biggest problem… it splits.  Typically, this will occur along the wood’s natural growth rings and is difficult to prevent.

That is why we, at Savoy, have chosen to use a significantly stronger material for much of our furniture construction.  Plywood is simply a number of thin layers of wood that is bonded to create very strong, stable sheets.  The fact is, plywood holds up seven times better in humidity and is not susceptible to the cracking that hardwood is.  It also provides more consistent color and grain pattern. The end result is stronger, more durable products that provides the warmth of wood, without the problems of solid hardwood.